How did we get into to this business anyway??

Ground Control is a tiny indie games/VR studio from Porto, Portugal. Founded in 2014, it has been around with different brands since the "mobile era" (2010).

Working with VR since 2013, we are having the time of our lives designing, imagining and exploring our creations for this new frontier. Unlike anything we have ever seen, for us VR and Holograms are the technology of a life-time and the gateway to the future of entertainment.

We are obviously excited and totally hyped about this :)


Developing games and VR applications is something with limitless potentital. We can create anything and that enables us to break down barriers!


We've done many things before. This is our favourite so far, since it is the most challenging and technically complex types of development around. We like that :)


We enjoy fiddling with technology, hardware, software or firmware. Combining them together to create something unique and new is just our thing.


"Huuuhhh....what does this button do??" Seriously, VR, Sensors, Game Consoles and Game engines? Where do I sign?

The Business

How do we work?

Game Dev Unit

Creating VR, PC, Console and Mobile games because....reasons. This part of the studio does the bulk R&D and coolest creative work around!

Their games somehow end up on Steam, the XBox or the usual mobile stores. They turn out to be quite sufferable and even playable at times! :)

VR Software Dev Unit

Serious business stuff! Engaged on creating VR software products that can be scaled and sold to B2B clients or institutions. Also handles the commercial side of things

Most of the interesting techs created by Game Dev Unit end up here for productization or integration. Currently handling ArchiVR, Vertigo360 Interactive 360 Video Framework and all external projects.


Pushing Forward the Boundaries of Immersion


COSMONAUT is a highly immersive First-Person Space Simulator. It combines realistic graphics, highly detailed simulation and a surprising plot to produce a thrilling experience.

It is a game about survival, exploration and cunning. Everything around you can kill you, the suit can get torn from shrapnel, your visor can break from impacts. Your fuel, oxigen and suit power are limited, so you must find ways to replenish them. On the other hand, most things around you are usable, so you must explore the environment to find tools, supplies and clues to unravel the misteries around space station Humanitas.

SINFO Innovation Award Winner and Playstation Awards Finalist

Currently supporting VR and non-VR modes. Check out COSMONAUT's Steam Page on the link below!


Return Zero VR is a beautiful, psychedelic, ultrafast 3D tunnel racer. If racing past mad-fast, frantic mazes set out in virtual, TRON like worlds is your thing, then Return Zero is definitely the game for you.

Collect blue gates to gain speed while avoiding the red and yellow ones. Overcome the speed of light and experience time running backwards!

Immerse yourself on the world of Return Zero VR. Do you have what it takes to turn back time?

The first ever Portuguese VR Game to be commercially released!

Now available to VR devices on Mobile, Coming Soon to Steam and PC! Download links below.


Frantic dogfights! Awesome combos! 2D CHAOS!!

A God is reborn and keen on fulfilling the prophecy of the Armageddon. But in the hyper-future, we have technology to capture a God and destroy Her once and for all. Equipped with the hyper-lasso and hyper-handbrake, embark on a journey in and out of hyperspace to become the only mercenary to hold off the End of Days. Fight your way up the multiplayer ranks by defeating other players in singular or team combat (up to 8 players), facing hordes of enemies or out-flying the wrath of entire planets driven mad! You can also fight your friends in local multiplayer, the old-school way!

Check out Hyper God's Steam Page on the link below!

VR Projects

Bringing VR to everyday life!


Porto. VR360 Is a 360º Virtual Reality interactive tour that provides an immersive experience around the sights and history of Porto. Comissioned by Porto city council, it is the first VR tour guide in Portugal

This is the second project using our Vertigo360 framework, that enables rapid creation and development of interactive 360 video experiences. Featuring a starting 5 sites, more content will be made available over the next months. This project was developed in collaboration with Riot Films, Trafico Audiovisual and AIM Creative Studios.

Check out the Cardboard version on the link below!


ArchiVR is a highly immersive solution for Architecture that allows real-time interaction with the model, changing materials and furniture and still have a notion of elements such as scale, volume and light, thus bringing a closer sense of space that would not be possible otherwise.

The goal is to combine VR visualization with intuitive interaction to allow a very seamless experience to the user.

Empowered by high-end VR devices such as the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, we can have customers walking right in to the house of their dreams! Hololens Interior Decoration module coming soon as well!

ArchiVR is being developed in collaboration with StudioStation Architecture.

Random Numbers And Graphics!


VR Development

Game Development


Meet Our Team

Aren't we a Happy Bunch?

Rui Guedes

Founder/Lead VR Dev and Producer - Kept around because all studios need founders

Filipe Abrantes

Founder/Scientist and Android Dev - Already have a founder, so we got rid of him to NYC!

Joao Vinagre

Game Developer - Original Gangsta and creator/lead developer of Pulsar Raiders.

Joao Martins

VR Developer - Wanted to be an Engineer, got stuck with us instead. Lead Dev on Return Zero VR

Pedro Ribeiro

Game Designer and FX Magician - Showed up here once, never left. Co-Designer of Pulsar Raiders

David Rodrigues

2D Artist - Created all the art on Pulsar Raiders, also the Resident DM, so roll Initiative :D

Joao Araujo

Game Designer/Developer - Puzzle game wonderkid, somehow found us on the internet :)


We grow with help from our friends, together we are limitless!

Bizspark, Hololens, Kinect, Mobile Development


Softw. Distribution and Development (Rift)


Virtual Reality Content Creation (Vive)


Games Distribution, SteamVR Content Development

Tech and Distribution Partner

PS4 Games Distribution, PSVR Games Development

Distribution Partner

GearVR + SmartTV Content Creation and Distribution

Tech and Distribution Partner

XBox One Games Development and Distribution

Tech and Distribution Partner

Console Games Development and Distribution

Tech and Distribution Partner

VR Product Development Cooperation

Creative and Technical Partner

VR Product Development Cooperation

Creative Partner

VR Product Development Cooperation

Creative Partner

VR Clients

Each VR Project is an opportunity to craft a new reality! Our Clients love that!

Desktop and Mobile app for Interactive 360 VR Vídeo

City Council for Porto

Desktop and Mobile app for Interactive 360 VR Vídeo

Retail Store Chain

Desktop and Mobile app for Interactive 360 VR Vídeo

Tourism Board

360 Video and VR Content for Social Media

Global Tech Event Organizer

Desktop and Mobile app for Interactive 360 VR Vídeo

City Council for Lisboa

Interactive Holographic Experience


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